For Parents

Does your child battle to express their emotions? Get frustrated and angry, especially during these uncertain times?  Parents often tell their children to ‘use your words’ but the problem is that children do not know which words to use to express their feelings. This is where Heart Matters comes in – an EQ programme that equips parents with the skills to guide their children in developing, recognising, and communicating their emotions whilst the children grow their mindsets in a fun and effortless way.

Developing a child’s emotional intelligence (EQ) takes time, practice, good role modelling and lots of repetition. Heart Matters guides parents through the programme with colourful posters/visual resources and guidance straight to your inbox.

Our detailed guidance letters will equip parents to teach their children prosocial values which contributes to their sense of meaning and purpose and has a strong impact on their well-being and mental health.

Much focus is placed on specific “terminology” which will be emailed to your inbox. As parents have the greatest effect on a child’s emotional growth, your encouragement and engagement to support and carry through the programme at home are vital.  Some examples of the words and concepts the children learn and will fully understand are compromise, empathy, consequences, comfortable, uncomfortable, personal space, friendship, coping skills, trust, honesty, and how words affect our heart. We support and encourage conscious parenting and will guide parents through the programme with detailed emails.