For Schools

Adopting the Heat Matters philosophy allows an entire school to speak the same language to teachers, parents, and children. Focus word posters can be used for display in the school classrooms and corridors; they are a wonderful aid and talking point for school assemblies. A parent evening talk is included in the programme and given at the beginning of the programme. This course is run every week over the 3 terms in the academic year, each lesson is unique, and therefore the programme can be implemented at any time during the academic year.

The programme can be run as a co-curricular external club or offered as a lesson within the school day.

We offer fixed cost-saving rates for the delivery of lessons to a whole class.

Or why not sign up to our annual licence agreement, let your existing teachers develop their CPD and become Heart Matters Facilitators.

The reality of the 21st century and our children growing up in it demands that we broaden our perspective on education and make space within our busy classrooms to grow the whole child – heart, and mind.

We also recognise that no matter how much time a child spends at school, the caregivers in a child’s life have the most influence. To this end, Heart Matters links the pupil, parent, and teacher.